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Legault, Marie-Josée (2003). Report on the integration of women on traditionally male sectors of employment: Summary of local success and failure factors, final results of case studies (rapport de recherche). Téluq.

Legault, Marie-Josée (2003). Workers’ resistance to women in traditionaly male sectors of employment and the role of unions: Labor relations issues arising out of three case studies (rapport de recherche). Téluq.

Kaser, Owen, & Lemire, Daniel (2003). Attribute Value Reordering for Efficient Hybrid OLAP. In Rizzi, Stefano, & Song, Il-Yeol (Ed.), Proceedings of the ACM Sixth International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP (p. 1-8). New Orleans, LA : ACM.

Lemire, Daniel (2003). A Family of 4-Point Dyadic Multistep Subdivision Schemes. In Cohen, Albert; Merrien, Jean-Louis, & Scumaker, Larry L. (Ed.), Curves and Surface Fitting: Saint-Malo 2002 (p. 259-268). Brentwood, TN, USA : Nashboro Press.

Henri, France, & Pudelko, Béatrice (2003). Understanding and analyzing learning and activity in virtual communities.. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 19 (4), 474-487.

Paquette, Gilbert; Bourdeau, Jacqueline; Henri, France; Basque, Josianne; Léonard, Michel, & Maina, Marcelo (2003). Construction d'une base de connaissances et d'une banque de ressources pour le domaine du téléapprentissage. Revue STICEF, 10.

Dufresne, Aude; Basque, Josianne; Paquette, Gilbert; Léonard, Michel; Lundgen-Cayrol, Karin, & Prom Tep, Sandrine (2003). Vers un modèle générique d'assistance aux acteurs du téléapprentissage. Revue STICEF, 10, 57-88.

Legault, Marie-Josée (2003). Family obligations or cultural constraints? Obstacles in the path of professional women. Journal of International Women’s Studies, 4 (3).

Anderson, Michelle; Ball, Marcel; Boley, Harold; Greene, Stephen; Howse, Nancy; Lemire, Daniel, & McGrath, Sean (2003). RACOFI: A Rule-Applying Collaborative Filtering System. In Proceedings of the IEEE/WIC COLA 2003.

Chebat, Jean-Charles; Gélinas-Chebat, Claire; Hombourger-Barès, Sabrina, & Woodside, Arch G. (2003). Testing Consumers' Motivation and Linguistic Ability as Moderators of Advertising Readibility. Psychology and Marketing, 20 (7), 599-624.

Pichette, François; Segalowitz, Norman, & Connors, Kathleen (2003). Impact of Maintaining L1 Reading Skills on L2 Reading Skill Development in Adults: Evidence from Speakers of Serbo-Croatian Learning French. Modern Language Journal, 87 (3), 391-403. DOI: 10.1111/1540-4781.00197

Gauthier, Clermont; Bissonnette, Steve, & Richard, Mario (2003). Paradigme de l’apprentissage au Québec?. Résonances (3), 17-19.

Henri, France, & Basque, Josianne (2003). Conception d'activités d'apprentissage collaboratif en mode virtuel. In Deaudelin, Colette, & Nault, Thérèse (Ed.), Collaborer pour apprendre et faire apprendre : La place des outils technologiques (p. 29-53). Sainte-Foy, Canada : Presses de l'Université du Québec, coll. « Éducation - Recherche ». ISBN 978-2-7605-1228-3

Psyché, Valéry; Mendes, Olavo, & Bourdeau, Jacqueline (2003). Apport de l'ingénierie ontologique aux environnements de formation à distance. Sciences et Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication pour l’Éducation et la Formation (STICEF), 10, 89-126.

Psyché, Valéry; Mizoguchi, Riichiro, & Bourdeau, Jacqueline (2003). Ontology Development at the Conceptual Level for Theory-Aware ITS Authoring Systems. In Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED2003). Sidney, Australia.

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