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Cultural intelligence decision support system for business activities [r-libre/305]

Wu, Zhao Xin; Nkambou, Roger, & Bourdeau, Jacqueline (2012). Cultural intelligence decision support system for business activities. Paper published in ACEE International Journal on Transportation and Urban Development, 48-54.

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Abstract: With the rapid growth of globalization, cross-cultural business activities are on the rise. These activities are of increasing importance for individuals and organizations. As a result, culture has become a decisive factor in the success of cross-cultural business. In today’s global marketplace, individuals and organizations must be culturally intelligent. The concept of cultural intelligence has been introduced in the literature on global management. Researches on cultural intelligence have provided a new perspective, and, hence, have presented a new way to alleviate cross-cultural business challenges. However, these researches mainly rely on questionnaires to find solutions to the problems of cultural intelligence in cross-cultural business. To date, no research on cultural intelligence has been empirically computerized. This study aims first to create a new cultural intelligence computational model in order to process the soft data in cross-cultural business activities. This will enable individuals and organizations to make better decisions in cross-cultural business activities. Second, this study will implement the model in a system called the CIDSS through the use of artificial intelligence techniques. The purpose of the CIDSS is to allow individuals and organizations to make intelligent decisions in culturally diverse business activities and to solve the intercultural adaptation problems faced in a variety of authentic cross-cultural situations.
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