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Using an Instructional Engineering Method and a Modeling Tool to Design IMS-LD Units of Learning [r-libre/2303]

Paquette, Gilbert; De la Teja, Ileana; Léonard, Michel; Lundgren-Cayrol, Karin, & Marino, Olga (2005). Using an Instructional Engineering Method and a Modeling Tool to Design IMS-LD Units of Learning. In Koper, Rob, & Tattersall, Colin (Ed.), Learning Design: A Handbook on Modelling and Delivering Networked Education and Training (p. 161-184). Berlin ; New York : Springer Verlag. ISBN 978-3-540-22814-1

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Abstract: This chapter discusses how to build IMS learning designs focusing on three aspects, instructional engineering, modeling tools and graph-ical design techniques. First, we propose that instructional designers use a systemic and systematic instructional engineering method to build Units of Learning conforming to the IMS-LD specification. MISA, a mature instructional engineering method will serve as the ba-sis to our design approach. Second, we present a graphical modeling tool, MOT+, and a representation technique that was created to sup-port instructional engineering. In MOT+, concepts, procedures and principles are used to describe all IMS-LD components as well as their relationships. We believe this graphical language to be closer to instructional designers, in that it represents a more pedagogical view-point than software engineering graphical languages like UML, while still enabling an automatic translation from graphical models into a machine-readable IMS-LD XML. Third, we will provide an example of the design processes involved in building learning designs, from the preliminary analysis to the definition of a unit of learning method, the central part of the IMS Learning Design.
Additional Information: La version de l'éditeur a été publiée sous le titre : An Instructional Engineering Method and Tool for the Design of Units of Learning, voir https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783540228141
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