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Six Theses on Transculturality : a View From the New World [r-libre/1828]

Benessaieh, Afef (2019). Six Theses on Transculturality : a View From the New World. In Morris, Paul (Ed.), Le Canada: une culture de métissage / Transcultural Canada (p. 19-38). Québec : Laval University Press.

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Abstract: The idea of transculturality remains often but marginally understood by many audience. This paper is organized arounf six keys questions: How does transculturality differ or not from multiculturalism? Is it just another buzzword for what has come to be known as ''hybridity'', ''fusion'' or ''mestisaje?'' Does it mostly offer a ''vacant celebration'' or idealization of some of the cultural identity dimensions of globalization? What anout our power dynamics and, in particular, the struggle of historically oppressed people and communities sucj as Black and Indigenous peoples? Is it perhaps only occurring in the higly diverse migrant societies of the so-calles ''New World?'' In sum, what exactly is transculturality and what is the usefullness of such a concept in today's global cultural studies?
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