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Hybridity, Mestizaje, Créolité [r-libre/1827]

Benessaieh, Afef (2019). Hybridity, Mestizaje, Créolité. In Kaltmeier, Olaf; Raab, Josef; Stewart Foley, Michael; Nash, Alice; Rinke, Stefan, & Rufer, Mario (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook to the History and Society of the Americas (p. 307-318). Londre/New York : Routledge.

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Abstract: Defining cultural identity is a perilous task. Social theorist Stuart Hall equates it with representations, or the way people express some common understandings about who ther are and how they are distinct from others - the concept of culture viewed anthropologically as a people's distinct ''way of life'' (Hall 1997, 2). Already a most difficult concept, cultural identity opacifies with further layers when used in social contexts marked by heightened diversity and mixedness: the boundaries between ''who they are'' and ''their distinctiveness from others'' becoming quite delicate to draw.
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