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Microsite conditions influence leaf litter decomposition in sugar maple bioclimatic domain of Quebec [r-libre/1795]

Bélanger, Nicolas; Collin, Alexandre; Ricard-Piché, Jacinthe; Kembel, Steven W., & Rivest, David (2019). Microsite conditions influence leaf litter decomposition in sugar maple bioclimatic domain of Quebec. Biogeochemistry, 145 (1-2), 107-126. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10533-019-00594-1

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Abstract: Litter decomposition in forests is affected by tree species composition which produces litters with specific characteristics and alters soil surface conditions and nutrient availability. The impact of such changes in soil microsite conditions on litter decomposition is however poorly elucidated. We studied the decomposition of sugar maple leaves in 22 plots varying from pure hardwoods to mixedwoods to conifer-dominated stands across four sites in the sugar maple bioclimatic domain in Quebec. Mass loss and nutrient release were assessed over a 2-year experiment. Proxies of moisture availability measured under the canopy were more valuable for explaining the variability in leaf litter decomposition rates than soil temperature, litter quality and general site measurements (e.g. air temperature, rainwater). Throughfall amounts and soil volumetric water content (VWC) explained 56% of the variability in mass loss constants. Sugar maple leaf litter under hardwoods also decomposed more rapidly than under conifer-dominated stands. Slower litter decomposition under conifer-dominated stands was again more largely controlled by the lower soil VWC than the more acidic forest floor created by the needles. This study highlights that proxies of moisture availability measured at the microsite level can be key variables to predict litter dynamics in forests.
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