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How things make things do things with words, or how to pay attention to what things have to say [r-libre/1194]

Bencherki, Nicolas (2016). How things make things do things with words, or how to pay attention to what things have to say. Communication Research and Practice, 2 (3), 272-289. https://doi.org/10.1080/22041451.2016.1214888

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Résumé : While organizational communication research has traditionally limited talk to human beings, a trend within the Montreal School (TMS) of the Communicational Constitution of Organizations (CCO) perspective acknowledges that ‘things do things with words’ as well, and criticizes the ‘bifurcation of nature’ into two distinct realms: materiality and discourse. Among others, this is what Cooren (2015) has suggested in the pages of this journal. However, due to a preference for studying human discourse, many TMS studies still may give the impression that only human spokespeople can make objects talk. This paper uses data from an ethnographic case study to argue that CCO is well equipped to recognize that other sorts of objects may speak as well, and that they enter the realm of language through yet other objects (i.e., their ‘spokesthings’). In doing so, this paper advances an argument that will counter critiques of TMS scholarship that propose it reduces the role played by objects to their interpretation by humans.
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Déposant: Bencherki, Nicolas
Responsable : Nicolas Bencherki
Dépôt : 20 sept. 2017 15:16
Dernière modification : 20 sept. 2017 15:16

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