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Mobility among foreign-trained professionals: Institutional disjunctions, from migrating to practicing a regulated profession [r-libre/1501]

Bédard, Jean-Luc (avr. 2018). Mobility among foreign-trained professionals: Institutional disjunctions, from migrating to practicing a regulated profession. Communication (sur invitation) présentée au Symposium Migrants at Work in Canada, Kingston, Canada.

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Résumé : Mobility of foreign-trained professionals (FTPs) is an arena where nations compete to attract and retain the best talents for their economies. However, this capacity to attract is moderated by local professional systems aiming to regulate professions and protect the public. This happens within a context where professional systems and regulated professions’ status and expertise are being questioned worldwide. Our analysis shows that professionals practicing regulated professions happen to take unexpected levels of risks to deal with disjunctions among main institutions through which they need to navigate to secure their status, in Quebec as in other provinces. Cases studied mainly under France-Quebec’s mutual recognition arrangements (MRAs) show that FTPs have to negotiate between different, sometimes contradictory information concerning their admission into a regulated profession. Moreover, they do so while having also to manage social integration through immigration, employment, schooling and health and social issues, for themselves and their families. Problems related to social integration may therefore not only interfere, but also lead to overall failure in the migration project. Disjunctions between institutions may therefore favor gaps between institutions, failure of the migratory project and of the global process for which professionals are, paradoxically, desired by the host society. A better, more fluid coordination would allow for a better use and integration of foreign-trained professionals in the Canadian economy. My presentation will be based on case studies of French professionals in Quebec, as well as insights from a literature review (SSRHC).
Déposant: Bédard, Jean-Luc
Responsable : Jean-Luc Bédard
Dépôt : 31 août 2018 12:57
Dernière modification : 31 août 2018 12:57

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