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Detecting communities of authority and analyzing their influence in dynamic social networks [r-libre/1199]

Chikhaoui, Belkacem; Chiazzaro, Mauricio; Wang, Shengrui et Sotir, Martin (2017). Detecting communities of authority and analyzing their influence in dynamic social networks. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST), 8 (6), 82:1-82:28.

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Résumé : Users in real-world social networks are organized into communities that differ from each other in terms of influence, authority, interest, size, etc. This article addresses the problems of detecting communities of authority and of estimating the influence of such communities in dynamic social networks. These are new issues that have not yet been addressed in the literature, and they are important in applications such as marketing and recommender systems. To facilitate the identification of communities of authority, our approach first detects communities sharing common interests, which we call “meta-communities,” by incorporating topic modeling based on users’ community memberships. Then, communities of authority are extracted with respect to each meta-community, using a new measure based on the betweenness centrality. To assess the influence between communities over time, we propose a new model based on the Granger causality method. Through extensive experiments on a variety of social network datasets, we empirically demonstrate the suitability of our approach for community-of-authority detection and assessment of the influence between communities over time.
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Déposant: Chikhaoui, Belkacem
Responsable : Belkacem Chikhaoui
Dépôt : 27 sept. 2017 13:10
Dernière modification : 27 sept. 2017 13:10

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