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Journal Articles

Weststar, Johanna, & Legault, Marie-Josée (2017). Why Might a Videogame Developer Join a Union?. Labour studies Journal.

Legault, Marie-Josée, & Weststar, Johanna (2014). Comment jouer la régulation dans l’industrie du jeu vidéo?. Relations industrielles –Industrial Relations, 69 (1), 136-158.

Legault, Marie-Josée, & Weststar, Johanna (2015). The Capacity for Mobilization in Project-Based Cultural Work: A Case of the Video Game Industry. Canadian Journal of Communication, 40 (2), 203-221.

Book Sections

Weststar, Johanna, & Legault, Marie-Josée (2018). Women’s Experiences on the Path to a Career in Game Development. In Gray, Kishonna L.; Voorhees, Gerald, & Vossen, Emma (Ed.), Feminism in Play (p. 105-123). Londres : Palgrave Macmillan, coll. « Games in context series ». ISBN 978-3-319-90538-9


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Legault, Marie-Josée, & Weststar, Johanna (2012). Quality of Life in the Game Industry. Report of the Quality of Life survey 2009. International Game Developers Association.

Weststar, Johanna, & Legault, Marie-Josée (2015). Developer Satisfaction Survey 2014. Employment Report (Rapport de recherche). International Game Developers Association.

Legault, Marie-Josée, & Weststar, Johanna (2015). WORKING TIME AMONG VIDEO GAME DEVELOPERS, 2004-14. SUMMARY REPORT (Rapport de recherche). Montréal (Qc) : Téluq.