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Journal Articles

Henni, Khadidja; Mezghani, Neila; Gouin-Vallerand, Charles; Ruer, Perrine; Ouakrim, Youssef, & Vallières, Évelyne F. (2018). Feature selection for driving fatigue characterization and detection using visual- and signal-based sensors. Applied Informatics, 5 (7), 1-15. https://doi.org/10.1186/s40535‑018‑0054‑9

Papers in Conference Proceedings

Brun, Damien; Ruer, Perrine; Gouin-Vallerand, Charles, & George, Sébastien (2018). A Toolkit for Exploring Augmented Reality Through Construction with Children. In Proceedings of the 20th Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality (SVR 2018). Foz Do Iguaçu, Brésil : IEEE Digital Library.

Ruer, Perrine; Gouin-Vallerand, Charles, & Vallières, Évelyne F. (2016). Persuasive strategies to improve driving behaviour of elderly drivers by a feedback approach. In Proceeding of the 11th international conference on persuasive technologies (Persuasive Technologies 2016) (p. 110-121). Springer, coll. « LNCS ». ISBN 978-3-319-31509-6

Ruer, Perrine; Gouin-Vallerand, Charles; Zhang, Le; Lemire, Daniel, & Vallières, Évelyne F. (2015). An analysis tool for the contextual information from field experiments on driving fatigue. In Proceeding of the Ninth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context (Context 2015). Springer, coll. « LNAI ».

Vallières, Évelyne F.; Ruer, Perrine; Bergeron, Jacques; McDuff, Pierre; Gouin-Vallerand, Charles; Ait-Seddik, Karim, & Mezghani, Neila (2015). Perceived fatigue among aging drivers : an examination of the impact of age and duration of driving time on a simulator. In Proceedings of SOCIOINT15- 2nd International Conference on Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (p. 314-320). ISBN 978-605-64453-3-0

Conference papers (unpublished)

Ruer, Perrine; Ferreira, Susan; Vallières, Évelyne F., & Gouin-Vallerand, Charles (May 2017). Designing a Mobile Application for Older Adults: A Case Study to improve Safe Driving. Paper presented at Workshop on Designing Mobile Interactions for the Aging Populations, ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'17), Denver, USA.