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Journal Articles

Sakka, Ouafa; St-Pierre, Josée, & Bahri, Moujib (2019). Innovation collaborations in low-to-medium tech SMEs: the role of the firm's innovation orientation and use of external information. International Journal of Innovation Management, 23 (2). https://doi.org/10.1142/S1363919619500117

St-Pierre, Josée; Sakka, Ouafa, & Bahri, Moujib (2018). External financing, export intensity and inter-organizational collaborations: Evidence from Canadian SMEs. Journal of Small Business Management.

Bahri, Moujib; St-Pierre, Josée, & Sakka, Ouafa (2017). Performance measurement and management for manufacturing SMEs: a financial statement-based system. Measuring Business Excellence, 21 (1), 17-36.

Bahri, Moujib; St-Pierre, Josée, & Sakka, Ouafa (2011). Economic value added: a useful tool for SME performance management. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 60 (6), 603-621.

Sakka, Ouafa, & Bahri, Moujib (2011). Relations entre les objectifs de l’entrepreneur, les pratiques d’affaires et la gestion de l’actif à court terme. Revue internationale PME, 24 (3-4), 79-101. https://doi.org/10.7202/1013663ar

St-Pierre, Josée, & Bahri, Moujib (2011). The determinants of risk premium: The case of bank lines of credit granted to SMEs. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 16 (4), 459-479. https://doi.org/10.1142/S108494671100194X

St-Pierre, Josée, & Bahri, Moujib (2006). The use of the accounting beta as an overall risk indicator for unlisted companies. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 13 (4), 546-561. https://doi.org/10.1108/14626000610705741

Book Reviews

Bahri, Moujib (2016). Compte rendu : La microfinance contemporaine : défis et perspectives [review of the book from Defoundoux-Fila, Hyacinthe; Dirat, Jean-Raymond, & Mayoukou, Célestin]. Revue Internationale P.M.E. : économie et gestion de la petite et moyenne entreprise, 29 (1), 173-175. https://doi.org/10.7202/1036774ar