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From the streets to the courtroom: The legacies of Quebec's anti-SLAPP movement [r-libre/988]

Landry, Normand (2010). From the streets to the courtroom: The legacies of Quebec's anti-SLAPP movement. Review of European Community and International Environmental Law, 19 (1), 58-59.

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Résumé : Years of social mobilization and sustained political lobbying led to the recent adoption of anti-SLAPP legislation in Quebec. While this achievement was largely seen as a victory by the organizations that led the campaign towards the enactment of anti-SLAPP measures, many questions remain about the actual level of protection offered by the new law to citizens of the province. This article aims to address these questions and will be divided in three parts. The first section will briefly contextualize Quebec’s new legislation within the larger Canadian context. The second section will explore the social and political processes that led to the enactment of the legislation. Finally, the provisions of Bill 9 will be examined in order to determine whether it provides an appropriate response to SLAPP suits.
Déposant: Landry, Normand
Responsable : Normand Landry
Dépôt : 09 août 2016 18:18
Dernière modification : 09 août 2016 18:18

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