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Articulating personal pedagogies through learning ecologies [r-libre/684]

Maina, Marcelo et García, Iolanda (2016). Articulating personal pedagogies through learning ecologies. Dans Gros, Begoña; Kinskuk, et Maina, Marcelo (dir.), The Future of Ubiquitous Learning: Learning Designs for Emerging Pedagogies (p. 73-94). Berlin Heidelberg : Springer, coll. « Lecture Notes in Educational Technology ». ISBN 978-3-662-47724-3 https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-662-47724-3

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Résumé : The digital revolution enabled by social and ubiquitous technologies is constantly transforming macro and micro levels of society including industry, organizations and government as well as ways in which we communicate, we work, and we carry on our daily lives. Education is therefore also being challenged to respond to evolving societal demands by supporting the development of competent and engaged citizens. In this context, individuals’ capability to get involved and exploit the affordances of networked environments for learning and development may condition their opportunities to cope with societal and labor demands. In this chapter, the metaphor of learning ecologies is proposed to provide a framework from which to analyze interactions between individuals and their environment, and the way their experiences across different contexts throughout life promote and shape learning processes. Learning ecologies allow us to explore frontier pedagogies connecting formal, non-formal and informal educational contexts, acting as personal strategies that may orchestrate life-long, life-wide and life-deep learning. We start by defining and framing learning ecologies, providing the theoretical roots and reviewing some recent studies in the field. Next, we propose constructs and models but also strategies and tools that may be of help to enhance and support personal ecologies for learning. Finally, the concept of personal pedagogies is proposed to refer to a set of autonomy and agency skills and attitudes that can be dynamically integrated by individuals to support an ecology for self-development and personal learning. We articulate from this perspective several trends in the area of self-directed learning located in the technological and pedagogical intersection: MOOCs, current awareness, e-portfolios and social networks.
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Déposant: Maina, Marcelo Fabián
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