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Willow short-rotation production systems in Canada and Northern United States: A review [r-libre/416]

Amichev, Beyhan Y.; Hangs, Ryan D.; Konecsni, Sheala M.; Stadnyk, Christine N.; Volk, Timothy A.; Bélanger, Nicolas; Vujanovic, Vladimir; Schoenau, Jeff J.; Moukoumi, Judicaël et Van Rees, Kenneth C. J. (2014). Willow short-rotation production systems in Canada and Northern United States: A review. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 78 (S1), S168-S181. https://doi.org/10.2136/sssaj2013.08.0368nafsc

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Résumé : Willow short rotation coppice (SRC) systems are becoming an attractive practice because they are a sustainable system fulfilling multiple ecological objectives with significant environmental benefits. A sustainable supply of bioenergy feedstock can be produced by willow on marginal land using well-adapted or tolerant cultivars. Across Canada and northern U.S.A., there are millions of hectares of available degraded land that have the potential for willow SRC biomass production, with a C sequestration potential capable of offsetting appreciable amount of anthropogenic green-house gas emissions. A fundamental question concerning 1 sustainable SRC willow yields was whether long-term soil productivity is maintained within a multi-rotation SRC system, given the rapid growth rate and associated nutrient exports offsite when harvesting the willow biomass after repeated short rotations. Based on early results from the first willow SRC rotation, it was found willow systems are relatively low nutrient-demanding, with minimal nutrient output other than in harvested biomass. The overall aim of this manuscript is to summarize the literature and present findings and data from ongoing research trials across Canada and northern U.S.A. examining willow SRC system establishment and viability. The research areas of interest presented here are the crop production of willow SRC systems, above- and below-ground biomass dynamics and the C budget, comprehensive soil-willow system nutrient budget, and soil nutrient amendments (via fertilization) in willow SRC systems. Areas of existing research gaps were also identified for the Canadian context.
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Déposant: Bélanger, Nicolas
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Dépôt : 11 nov. 2014 18:35
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