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An analysis tool for the contextual information from field experiments on driving fatigue [r-libre/357]

Ruer, Perrine; Gouin-Vallerand, Charles; Zhang, Le; Lemire, Daniel et Vallières, Évelyne F. (2015). An analysis tool for the contextual information from field experiments on driving fatigue. Dans Proceeding of the Ninth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context (Context 2015). Springer, coll. « LNAI ».

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Catégorie de document : Communications dans des actes de congrès/colloques
Évaluation par un comité de lecture : Oui
Étape de publication : Publié
Résumé : Elderly drivers will be more present on the road in the next few years. Mobility is fundamental for the elderly because it allows them to maintain an active lifestyle. But the elderly may suffer from cognitive, physical or sensorial decline due to aging. To help them to drive, context-aware systems can assess the status of a driver and warn him or her about hazards. We present a data analysis tool for car driving context information that includes data mining and statistical evaluation algorithms. We applied our system to data collected by sensors into an instrumented vehicle in realistic driving conditions. Results show that our tool is able to store the contextual information collected and to enable an interactive visualization of the data collected. Thanks to this tool, it is easier to share information among the scientists working on the data. Moreover, it makes it convenient to store data in the cloud.
Déposant: Gouin-Vallerand, Charles
Responsable : Charles Gouin-Vallerand
Dépôt : 01 déc. 2015 14:31
Dernière modification : 01 déc. 2015 14:31

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