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Social relations and knowledge management theory and practice [r-libre/167]

Legault, Marie-Josée (2008). Social relations and knowledge management theory and practice. Dans Jemielniak, Dariusz et Kociatkiewicz, Jerzy (dir.), Management Practices in High Tech Environments (p. 167-190). Hershey (UK) : IGI Global, coll. « Information Science Reference ».

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Résumé : This chapter proposes a new hypothesis to the refusal to co-operate from qualified professionals and supports it with five arguments drawn from the fields of sociology of work and professions. The management of knowledge (KM) is based, among other things, on a system for pooling knowledge to which employees must contribute. Nevertheless, the experts of KM persistently note the relative failure of knowledge-pooling practices, particularly among the highly qualified professionals. Same experts have little to say about this issue and the scarce explanations they provide are highly unsatisfactory sociologically speaking and inspired by a folk psychology discourse. Sociology of work and professions, particularly, provide the grounds for alternative and more solid analysis of the phenomenon.
Informations complémentaires : This file is the first draft of a paper later published in a modified version.
Déposant: Legault, Marie-Josée
Responsable : Marie-Josée Legault
Dépôt : 14 sept. 2014 21:49
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