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A CNN Based Transfer Learning Model for Automatic Activity Recognition from Accelerometer Sensors [r-libre/1422]

Chikhaoui, Belkacem; Frank, Gouineau et Martin, Sotir (sous presse). A CNN Based Transfer Learning Model for Automatic Activity Recognition from Accelerometer Sensors. Dans 14th International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining MLDM 2018. New York, USA, coll. « Springer ».

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Résumé : Accelerometers are become ubiquitous and available in several devices such as smartphones, smartwaches, fitness trackers, and wearable devices. Accelerometers are increasingly used to monitor human activities of daily living in different contexts such as monitoring activities of persons with cognitive deficits in smart homes, and monitoring physical and fitness activities. Activity recognition is the most important core component in monitoring applications. Activity recognition algorithms require substantial amount of labeled data to produce satisfactory results under diverse circumstances. Several methods have been proposed for activity recognition from accelerometer data. However, very little work has been done on identifying connections and relationships between existing labeled datasets to perform transfer learning for new datasets. In this paper, we investigate deep learning based transfer learning algorithm based on convolutional neural networks (CNNs) that takes advantage of learned representations of activities of daily living from one dataset to recognize these activities in different other datasets characterized by different features including sensor modality, sampling rate, activity duration and environment. We experimentally validated our proposed algorithm on several existing datasets and demonstrated its performance and suitability for activity recognition.
Déposant: Chikhaoui, Belkacem
Responsable : Belkacem Chikhaoui
Dépôt : 24 avr. 2018 20:04
Dernière modification : 24 avr. 2018 20:04

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