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Judging the Acceptability of Amnesties: A Togolese Perspective [r-libre/1312]

Kpanake, Lonzozou et Mullet, Etienne (2011). Judging the Acceptability of Amnesties: A Togolese Perspective. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 28, 291-313. https://doi.org/10.1002/crq.20024

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Catégorie de document : Articles de revues
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Résumé : The relationships between the circumstances in which amnesties are granted and Togolese lay people’s judgments of their acceptability were examined. The 351 participants were instructed to read stories- created by the authors -in which a former police officer testified in front of a commission to receive amnesty. The stories were based on a five factor design: Quality of the information revealed, presence-absence of apologies, opportunity given to the victims for telling their story, compensation, and punishment of the applicant. Several interactions involving the truth and the apology factors were observed: Acceptability required the simultaneous presence of several positive aspects. Key words: amnesty, acceptability, Togo
Déposant: Kpanake, Lonzozou
Responsable : Lonzozou Kpanake
Dépôt : 08 déc. 2017 16:02
Dernière modification : 08 déc. 2017 16:02

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