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The relationship of trust in public relations: Toward a model of optimal contextual matching [r-libre/1213]

Gagné, Anne-Marie (juin 2013). The relationship of trust in public relations: Toward a model of optimal contextual matching. Conférence présentée à l'International Communication Association (ICA), Londres.

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Résumé : Public relations specialists and large corporations go to great lengths to develop and maintain a relationship of trust with their stakeholders. To build this trust, which is nevertheless intrinsic to the definition of public relations, specialists in the field do not have a model specific to their practice to guide their action. A review of the literature has led us to hypothesize a graduated relationship of trust on a continuum ranging from a positive pole to negative pole of trust. Forty semi-structured interviews were conducted with public relations specialists and their stakeholders in order to compare this hypothesis with their practice in a real context and thereby define the components of a relationship of trust in public relations. Analysis of the data resulted in a reformulation of the original hypothesis and the development of a model of optimal contextual matching.
Déposant: Gagné, Anne-Marie
Responsable : Anne-Marie Gagné
Dépôt : 06 oct. 2017 20:22
Dernière modification : 13 oct. 2017 15:57

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