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The construction of the canonical history of financial economics [r-libre/1170]

Jovanovic, Franck (2008). The construction of the canonical history of financial economics. History of Political Economy, 40 (2), 213-242.

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Résumé : This article takes place in the revision of the history of financial economics. The major argument is that the history of financial economics nowadays known was built to defend theoretical viewpoints, and therefore, to convince the scientific community to adopt these theories. More precisely, this “history” was built thanks to the creation of the first canon of texts during the 1960s; and therefore it constitutes a canonical reading of the past of financial economics –what I call here a canonical history of a discipline. This revision leads to break with this canonical reading that has been imposed and provides new results. Indeed, breaking with the canonical reading, it is possible to conciliate the history of financial economics with historical data. To demonstrate that, this article examines in particular the link between the introduction of financial economics into the scientific field during the 1960s and the construction of a canonical history of that discipline. This article analyzes, first, the structure, the aim, and the positioning of the discipline during this decade, second, how and why this canonical history was elaborated. Finally, this article shows how the canonical history of financial economics was elaborated to support theoretical viewpoints.
Déposant: Jovanovic, Franck
Responsable : Franck Jovanovic
Dépôt : 08 sept. 2017 19:46
Dernière modification : 08 sept. 2017 19:46

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