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Forming groups of mobile learners that promote collaborative learning supported by mobile devices [r-libre/1084]

M'Ballo, Marie-Hélène; Diop, Alassane; Hotte, Richard et Niang, Ibrahima (sous presse). Forming groups of mobile learners that promote collaborative learning supported by mobile devices. Dans Proceedings of EAI International Conference on Innovations and Interdisciplinary Solutions for Underserved Areas. Dakar, Sénégal : Springer.

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Contenu du fichier : Manuscrit accepté (révisé après évaluation)
Catégorie de document : Communications dans des actes de congrès/colloques
Évaluation par un comité de lecture : Oui
Étape de publication : Accepté (sous presse)
Résumé : The educational system of today is marked by advances in information and communication technologies. Initially we attended computer-assisted learning, then mobile technology has in turn been integrated into the education system, hence the Mobile Learning. The technical capabilities of mobile devices associated with wireless technologies make them remote learning tools in their own right. Mobile Learning is a real potential for distance learning because it allows the learner to learn anywhere and at any time to ensure better collaboration between learners of mobile learning, gathered in small groups, hence the new concept of Mobile Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (MCSCL). One of MCSCL’s problem is the learner groups’ management. This problem is linked to the high mobility of learners (change of position, disconnection of the network, etc.). In our review of the literature we have made a classification of learner group training methods ensuring a better interaction while taking into account the mobility of the learners. In the context of disadvantaged areas, mobile phones can be used for learning.
Déposant: Hotte, Richard
Responsable : Richard Hotte
Dépôt : 07 mars 2017 19:44
Dernière modification : 07 mars 2017 19:44

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